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She's a witch. He's a scientist. It'll never last...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

All the birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders is a coming of age with a little bit of saving the universe thrown in. He's a techno-geek, she's a magical geek, but her witchy world don't be liking his scientific world and that's a problem when the world is imploding. They can save it but they've just got to work out the peripheral crap first.

This was a great read up until 3/4 thru and I seemed to run out of steam. I'd put it down, but I was glad I picked it up again and kept going. Great ending. This tale is about magic versus science, both vying with each other to save the world. Big and bold topics. And tackled with a fresh exciting voice. Give it a try. I'm buying the second book.

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