A battered body! Car bomb carnage! 1 young vagrant suspect-Ben Jackman? And his knowledge is about to get him killed.


A feral town in turmoil Guns fired, blood drawn. The Gypsies have been crossed & they want blood. Anyone’s blood

Be the hero. Save the girl. But Ben Jackman is a hunted man. He has killed, and that changes a man.


Ben Jackman faces the noose. Marth the aged alcoholic attorney, stands on his right and the Wolf Girl, gun in hand to his left. The trap door ready to drop.


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More tales of dystopia coming soon

The Clan are demanding protection money from the town vendors. Loubie, the landlady of the Old Poet public house, is saying no more. Behind her are seven paid assassins ready to draw blood for her word.

Tommy the Car has done the Slotvaks wrong. Their price is to steal a motor from the Gypsies in the dead south. But the Gypsies love their car and will kill to keep it.

Street Boy has a killer in his troops. The king has demanded he be caught, but the evidence points to a total innocent. A friend. And the body count mounts. When Street Boy is threatened, his time is short, and the killer must be stopped.