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Purge the Sewer
The Gang Land Wars

In the dystopian world of Albion Minor, drugs and knife crime rule the capitol, Old London Town. To rid the city of this blight the Man has devised a televised reality show, The Gang Land Wars, where street urchins are recruited, trained and sent back into the field to disrupt the drug lords and their gangs hold over the city.

In season three, when Oona Huntley’s little brother Sparrow is abducted by the producers of the hit show The Gang Land Wars, Oona is forced to volunteer to be a combatant. Unused to combat of any kind, Oona must learn the subtle art of self defence, to shoot a gun, and to grow up, fight, or die.

3d_png.png writer dystopian thrillers best-selling books present Oona, skateboard princess, crime fighting hero
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