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A Death Can Inspire

Sankofa by Chibundu Onuzo features Anna Bain as its main character. She is a middle aged, unfulfilled lady, trying to decide if she should divorce her estranged husband when her mother dies.

Besides the house, her mother leaves Anna the diary of her father that chronicles his time as a student in England and details his courtship of her mother.

Anna’s father follows a life similar to Nelson Mandela. He opposed the colonial rulers and was jailed. On release led his political party to overthrow the colonials and lead his country to independence. This is a man Anna wants to meet.

At first, she is rejected. But Anna is not allowed to leave. Through her time in her father’s country, she regains her independence and learns of her true roots and is inspired to rejoin the world and live.

This is an enjoyable read featuring a woman who asks you to rejoice in her life.

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