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The Day burns bright in June

Marie Lu's Legend series, includes big characters that are matched with a big and bold beast of a dystopian world. It is miserable for the disadvantaged and glorious for the privileged. There is the Elector, the ruler, and the trigger happy army and there is a constant war raging against the Colonies.

Dystopia plus-plus

This novel rocks at a fierce pace. Day, the street urchin, is a menace to the rulers, but he lives a singular existence trying to do the best by his family. June is a rising star, in awe of her murdered brother, and desperate to capture Day, her brothers murderer, she is told. When they meet the story is turned on its head. Can't wait to read the second story.

Prodigy, Book Two.

Oh the saga continues at a frantic pace. It twists and turns with a pulsating rhythm. June and Day grow with each chapter pushing their problems and their victories into our lives. Riveting.

But, and it’s a big but, I’ve no desire to buy the third in the series. The ending to the second book has turned the series into a soap opera and, frankly, I’m bored of Day and June. But I stand by the books being good. The hook at the end of book two didn’t land me.

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