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Courage is a Leap of Faith

Admittedly I've come to this series, well late.

I've read the Hunger Games, like who hasn't, but Suzanne Collins's earlier work escaped me. But it doesn't matter when you find a book, right, so long as you find it, read it, and love every last word on the page. And I love this book.

Our main man, well boy really, is Gregor, and he's left with the responsibility of looking after his little sister called Boots. Their only task is to get the laundry y head downstairs to attend to the washing. But that Boots, imp of a child wanders off and gets sucked down an air duct. Gregor, he being in charge, follows and so the adventure begins.

Life under New York City is different. Like, of course. And I'm not talking about the sewers. No, they've gone into the Underworld where Rats are huge and nasty. Cockroaches stooped, monstrous, and caring. And the humans bond with big arsed bats that transport them thru the underground world.

Gregor soon learns that his appearance in the Underworld was prophesized and that he is the warrior that will save the people from the gnawers that want total domination. This adventure is a fast-paced ride, and although the plot suggests a bloody, violent battle, there is little described, but more hinted at. The true sign of Gregor's momentous change is a leap of faith that changes the fortunes of the people against the evil ratty gnawers.

The pages turn on their own and the ending is delightful with a hook to read the next book. I loved this book.

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