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An Historical Rebellion

Seth by Robert Lewers is an historical adventure. I've no idea when it is set coz I'm rubbish with English history, but it involves swords and has blacksmiths in a market setting. And a castle with a dodgy duke living there. A king dies and the Prince worries about what clothes will clash with his new sword.

But it begins with a lad called Seth. He's a weakling, his leg bent and Seth needs crutches to walk. One day he is attacked by a gang of youth, his crutches stolen and left for dead in the forest. This low point is brought down ten more notches when the black riders appear and threaten to kill our weakling protagonist. But Seth tells a story about a mouse and a lion, and they spare him.

Well years onward, Seth has grown, his leg healing, and he's teamed up with a feisty lass, when he meets up with the leader of the black riders and realises he is up to no good. It is Seth's role in this adventure to stop the Duke's captain of the guard, the leader of the black riders from staging a military coup ye olde style.

This is a rollicking read and kept me turning pages well into the night. Loved it loads, I did.

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