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An Acorn is Life

Parable of the Sower: Earthseed by Octavia E. Butler

God is Change. This is the basis of Earthseed. It tells people to see the importance of change and use that wisdom to help one another survive the current hopeless dystopian situation, and to plan on settling in other worlds, outer space; Utopia.

This is the basis of our Protagonist, Lauren’s religion. Her religion.

Lauren lives in a gated community in a fictional town called Robledo. It is gated because the outside world beyond the gates is dire, with robbers, rapscallions and worse roaming the area.

Lauren loses her brother, who joined the bad people, then her preacher father goes missing. And Lauren heads off with a small band to preach the above religion and to find a place of safety. Along the way she collects and helps people, eventually coming across an older man with a spread of land that seems a perfect place to start her Utopia.

Of course, life isn’t that simple. But that’s the basis of the story. I’m about to start the second book.

If you like dystopia, and I love it so much I write dystopian novels, then you’ll like this a lot.

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