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  • Roo I MacLeod

In darkness the light shines brigtest

'Black as pitch them eyes, black as disease and disorder and hate and lies.'

Ever since the 'Damn Stupid' life has been tipped up and rattled about, and brought back to a basic existence.

Elka is a feral girl, found in the woods by a trapper. He doesn't exactly care for her, but he teaches her how to survive.

When she is allowed into town for the first time and sees the Wanted poster all she knew about life is slapped in her face as wrong. Her trapper is wanted for the murder of a child and Magistrate Lyon, the mother of the child is hot on his trail. What makes matters worse is Lyon wants a conversation with Elka.

Her home is gone, the only father she knew is a killer, and the law wants to talk, so Elka takes to the road in search of her true parents and salvation.

This is dark, but the light bits shine bright. Elka is a character that you want to lead you into the darkest storm, knowing she'll know where to shelter. She'll feed clothe and heal you, but don't be asking too many questions. She don't like talking much.

2017 is only young, but this book is a great start. Loved this book a lot.


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