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  • Roo I MacLeod

I love a sunburnt country?

I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and didn't meet an indigenous person until my mid twenties. So this book was a shock to me. Of course I've read about our treatment of the indigenous folk, the destruction of their culture, but it never touched me as this book has.

Just before the Sydney Olympics in 2000, I had moved to England to run pubs. A customer mentioned a girl called Cathy Freeman. 'Runs fast for a coon,' he said. No one spoke up about his derogatory term. I didn't. I was appalled, but chose to shrug rather than react.

I hope the man I know as Roo, would say something now and in the future. I am sorry for what I haven't done for the Indigenous people of Australia. Read this book. It talks to all people about how we treat others, but it especially slaps us about the face with a passionate tale of one indigenous man's attempt to understand the destruction of his land and culture.

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