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  • Roo I MacLeod

I find People

This novel is good. It has bucket loads of

suspense, two good characters as protagonists and two particularly good baddies. Of course you are led by the nose to hate the serial killer, but the clever twist, though not too hard to guess, gives the tale a rich depth.

The story is told from three viewpoints. Carter, I find people, Blake narrates in the first person. But the FBI girl, Elaine, single mother, Banner and the bad man Caleb, one shot, Wardell have their views told in the third person. Caleb is a convicted serial killer, escaped from prison with a preconceived agenda to kill for effect. Carter Blake has been brought in by the FBI to find the man before too many people die. I thought the three pronged attack on the story worked well and offered a new take on the multiple narration. It varied the story, broke it up and gave each view a fresh perspective.

I especially liked the FBI female agent as a protagonist. I think Mason Cross gives this girl depth that allows you to cheer and hope, not only that she survives, but that she will lead you to safety.

If you like Jack Reacher then you'll like this Carter Blake character. He's hard, he’s got a military past, though its sort of fuzzy in detail. But I think, as Reacher’s gone sort of soft and needs his female protagonist to help him these days, I think this new hard man could be a good fit for the new guard of crime fighters. His catch phrase 'I find people' is a good concept and will lead to many more tales.

The Killing Season only has one fault, like Lee Child Mason Cross feels a need for a bedding before the climax. It's tame and unnecessary.

Liked this a lot. Well done Mason Cross.

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