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Editing is an Obsession

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Writer's Blog 09052016

My worst fears have been realized ...

Back on the beer, but the weight appears to be holding firm. Please don't imagine that means my body has assumed trim. No, that would be foolish. By holding firm I mean we're not putting on what was lost during the dry period of April.

Anzac day happened, which caused me to fall off the wagon as it is always a time of great enjoyment of the alcohol while we pay tribute to the lads who traveled so far to give up their lives to protect the Mother Country. I could never imagine myself sacrificing my life for nothing, not a war 12,000 miles away, and these lads and their motivation fascinates me every April.

So me and Geoffrey went drinking the night before the dawn service and drank until I began talking about mate ship and honor and arguing with all and sundry around our table.

But as I said the weight is holding steady.

So Far

I have finally set up Kindle and Create Space accounts ready for the big day, but mistakenly pressed publish. Of course the button had to be pressed one day, but I was hoping for a moment, a poignant space in time with a bottle of champagne and friends and family in attendance. Maybe a picture for the memories, and a kiss from a damsel. Newspapers and television might have attended, but it was just me and a confused mind not concentrating on the job.

And I haven't finished editing. To be honest I'll never be finished editing, but I have been reviewing the Create Space draft copy and there are issues that horrify me as a writer. So now I'm hoping no one buys the book before I finish the final edit. And that wasn't how I planned publication to be. I wanted my book to fall off the shelves. I wanted my story to go viral, word of mouth making it the book of the month. Now I'm racing against time to get the edit finished, to stop rearranging words and sentences so I can start promoting and marketing and counting the shekels.

So I need to stop writing this post. Just stop, really, and get back to the words. And I will. Of course I will. Just not yet. What might help is a beer. Be seeing you. Roo

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