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P is for Publish

Writers Blog 06042016

My worst fears have been realized …

Two months since my last communication. Procrastination rules, but today all will be set right. As previous posts mentioned me and the scales have been having a weekly tussle but that ‘old chestnut’ has been put to bed as the scales hit the dust cart about two months ago. The damn thing put up a struggle, pleaded for another chance, but I was tired of its lies. Never have I felt better than when I heard the glass smash inside the metal bin as the rubbish collector crushed its sorry arse.

I am in the final proof read of my novel NO MORE HEROES. My homeless protagonist is finally breathing and fighting back, but the P for publish day haunts my thoughts I won’t have any issue pushing the damn button but will anyone click and collect, eh? That’s the worry. That’s the scary part.

I’ve written stories forever it seems and am happy with what I produce, but am I discerning. I have paid editors and readers to pass judgement, but can they be trusted to be honest when they’re looking for repeat business.

Am I becoming paranoid? All these damn P words. Publish and Pessimist and Pathetic. What I really need is a couple of B words. Bravado and Balls and Bullish and Bugger it all. Just push the damn button, eh?

Is anyone else about to publish or suffered the same fears?

Stay hapless


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