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The Hapless Writer-Blogging is bad

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My worst fears have been realized ...

Blogging Don’t Sell Books

Oh yeah, that’s the score. But let’s get the housekeeping sorted first. I dreamt I got drunk the other night. It was glorious. I got hooked up with an old friend and we talked sport and Australia for a whole night while drinking, slurping vast quantities of ale in cute, overpriced boozer in a Brighton bar called the White Rabbit. It was good. Even when I woke I lay in my bed, smiling at the fuzzy warmth of the familiar state of inebriation and the knowledge there wasn’t to be a hangover to be endured.

And yes, hallelujah lard has been lost. I am now sailing around the low 200’s and I’m feeling a little bit cocky about this no beer journey I have been on. I can confess I was around 240 when I started this diet. It hasn’t dripped off, but slowly the lard is beginning to melt and slide off to nothing. I’m looking to be below 200 before I’m allowed to sup ale again. Ooh I can taste it already.

Anyway I digress. I read a blog this week telling me blogging is bad for writing. He said ‘the blogs of writers are often sad things.’ They have a couple of vibrant posts that were written like twenty years ago and then nothing for like ever.

And he’s right, because we’re told we must have a platform, no iffs no butts, eh? Blogging is an essential if we won’t to be taken seriously by publishers and agents. But who are we blogging to? Writers? Generally because that’s all we know how to blog about and are writers who we want to buy our books. Writers do buy books, but not the books of writers blogging to build a platform so people will like them and buy their books.

Complicated for sure, but there is a strong feeling out there, that blogging don’t sell books. It’s official. We can stop blogging because it ain’t going to help our cause.

Unless your blog is appealing to readers. Now there’s a thing.

Or you’re one of many bloggers making money out of your blog, then who cares if it doesn’t sell books. You’ve got a business selling and if selling on a blog is good for you, then keep at it.

Stay hapless


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