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Nic investigates & kills. Simple

Nic Caruana is paid to find and kill people. In his youth, he stabbed a bully in self-defence, an act that has sculpted the life we meet him living. A child has gone missing and her father has paid Nic to find her, then to find her killers. But there are issues in the family, and when I say issues, the father is a fearsome nutter, and the wife has mother-daughter issues, seemingly jealous of her daughter’s youth, among other stuff and she’s pretty keen on bedding our Nic.

With all this baggage dragging at Nic’s heels he still finds the daughter, dead, and then finds the killers. Two young punks who performed some sick acts on the girl, filmed their acts, which is never a smart act, as it always gets passed on and makes the investigation a doddle. But there’s no accounting for stupid. Nic deals with one of the sicko killers, and the other he lets walk. Go figure.

There’s another scary chap involved, a Shakespeare note writer, who we discover is too much of a nutter for Nic to deal with and a deal is done to let Nic live. I never felt the menace for this chap, but was happy Nic didn’t die. It always helps a series if the protagonist survives.

It's suggested that Nic is good at this job of finding and killing but this story illustrates a distinct lack of finesse. He has a mate, a gay mate who has some dodgy chums, that is more together and gets him out of trouble.

I liked Nic. He has a fear of death, and that is refreshing. I’m going to buy the second book. You should read the first. It’s a good start. And it’s in London. What more can I say?

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