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Uglies are Ugly

Spoiler alert! The Uglies by Scott Westerfield, was not a book I enjoyed.

And that sounds like an understatement, but there lies the problem. If the story is thin, the characters ‘grotesque,’ and the story doesn’t finish in the book you’ve bought, then why do you care to buy the second to find out what happens. Because you know you won’t find out in the second book. It will have to happen in the third.

And why do the people being made beautiful have to have an incision, lobotomy like, to dull their senses. Anyone who goes for life changing surgery to make themselves gorgeous darling, are obviously dull witted already. Yeah, for sure.

It's about a girl approaching her 16th birthday, the day they become 'pretty' but meets a right rascal who's decided she's not going under the knife. She knows a place where Uglies can live free and not be judged by their looks. Are protagonist is tempted coz she likes the girl, but decides 'pretty' is the way to go and readies herself for the op.

Alas, she is abducted and given a mission. Join the secret uglyies in the 'smoke' and reveal their destination or be damned as an ugly for ever.

This book bored the life out of me. The uglies weren’t constructed well enough for me to cheer that they remained ugly. And why ugly? It’s a curious term for what I imagine is the norm, us, me, my girlfriend, before the cosmetic surgery.

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