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June 10, 2016

Finally a book I couldn’t put down. It has been a long barren spell for me, but Wool is a cracking read.

The world has gone to crap. The air is toxic. Wool opens in an underground silo, all 140 odd floors, self-sufficient, with the sheriff, asking the mayor to let him c...

May 27, 2016

Don't you live for a page turner?

Seriously I do. I don't want every book to slap me when I think about putting it down. I want the world to go take a dump somewhere else because I'm busy. That's what I want from a book, a film or a song even.


And I'd read good thi...

May 9, 2016

Writer's Blog 09052016


My worst fears have been realized ...


Back on the beer, but the weight appears to be holding firm. Please don't imagine that means my body has assumed trim. No, that would be foolish. By holding firm I mean we're not putting on what was lost duri...

April 10, 2016


Writers Blog 06042016

My worst fears have been realized …


Two months since my last communication. Procrastination rules, but today all will be set right. As previous posts mentioned me and the scales have been having a weekly tussle but that ‘old chestnut’ has been put...

January 14, 2016

From page one this book kicks arse and digs up an old fairy tale and plants it in a future far far away.


Earth is the grip of a plague, carried to the planet by illegal lunar folk. There is no cure and the emperor has succumbed. Long Live the new Emperor. The evil Luna...

November 23, 2015


Blood Red Road

by Moira Young is raw, arid, grit in your eyes compelling and it drags you into a world of hopeless, praying the main characters will be left with their bodies complete and a shadow of soul left to nurture.
Four horsemen kick the story into life by kidn...

October 15, 2015


My worst fears have been confirmed …

I’m not going to share my actual weight reading with you. Me and the scales once laughed together at my battle, but the scales simply sigh once my weight settles and the numbers stop climbing.  ‘You know the trouble with fasting for...

October 12, 2015


The Miniaturist is set in Amsterdam in the 17th century and concerns a country girl, Nella, and her sham marriage to a rich merchant with a penchant for boys.

The house he moves her into is creepy and secretive and the husband, who doesn’t share her bed, is always work...

September 15, 2015

The Blinded Man by Arne Dahl  


Two powerful business men have been murdered and Swedish powers fear a serial killer is on the loose. A task force is put together because powerful dead men deserve a powerful new task force. The Swedish A team, yes it is the A Team, are...

September 15, 2015


Writers Blog 15092015


My worst fears have been realized …


I stepped on the scales the other day and it told me I’d lost three stone and I heard the scales snigger. I remained on the scales reveling in the 12 stone reading and knowing the snigger had to stop the longer...

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